About “Aj Lark”


I like to make “I AM” lists. I am ____________ (fill in the blank). I think we tend to over-complicate things. “I am” is a way to get back to the basics. You know? It’s a way of connecting to someone who seems very different than you and it’s a way of re-connecting with oneself. This movie quote often comes to mind : “It grieves me that I must presume to dispute with you. You see – I have my fleshy envelope and you have yours.”  In other words, you and I – we aren’t that different after all.

These are a few of my quintessential “I am’s”.

I am a music lover.

I am an appreciator.

I am infatuated with words.

The list is much longer, of course. But that’s a good start. Individually these items are just threads, but when woven together they merge seamlessly to make up the fabric that is me.

I suppose it’s appropriate to put this in my “about” section — While not entirely fictitious, “Aj Lark” is merely a pen name. Sorry for any confusion. My name is Amber, and it’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance.


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