Katelyn Convery’s *DEBUT* Album Needs a Lil Love


Hello lovelies, It has been six months since I’ve posted. It seems dramatic to declare a public goodbye to this blog, which I why I haven’t, but I’ve been tempted. However, the blog is never quiet. I still get submissions sent to my email. These pages get a modest number of views each day and from countries all over the world. It seems a wee impulsive to pull the plug, right? Plus, I always hope I’ll return to you. I have excuses a plenty for why I’ve stopped sharing music and musings. I’ve moved across the country — yes, AGAIN. I’ve started a new a business. My growing son continually places new demands on my time and energy. My passion for music that stirs my soul, and my need to take to the keys to tell you about it, has quite simply been trampled on by more pressing matters. It sucks being a grown-up sometimes. Priorities. Priorities. Well today, writing here has become a pressing matter. I need your help. Katelyn Convery, one of my dearest, most beloved friends, is in the process of making her first album. In order to have the means to bring this album into existence she’s partnered with Pledge Music and initiated a crowd-funded campaign. It’s been an exciting two months watching this process unfold. It started in Portland, Oregon, and has since relocated to Cape Town, South Africa. 24 hours remain and the campaign has not yet been fully funded. 9% to go as I’m typing this. If you aren’t familiar with how Pledge works, the artist sets the estimated amount to make the album, which become their “goal” and if they do not reach their goal, the accumulated “pledges” (promised funding) is not released. Essentially the campaign is considered unsuccessful and all pledges are returned to the party who pledged. It’s truly a phenomenal process, but not reaching one’s goal is devastating. You guys could be that 9%. Really. For $10 you can preorder the album and will receive a digital copy as soon as it’s finished – before it’s available on any other platform. That’s it. There are other options, of course. For $20 you can have a signed, physical copy of the cd and a personal thank you from Katelyn. And so on.

You can check all the goodies out here: www.pledgemusic.com/projects/katelynconvery/exclusives. Katelyn’s latest two updates include some in-studio footage and song previews: HERE and HERE. I’ve known this girl for nearly a decade and seeing her in the studio, working with a Grammy award-winning producer, gives me MASSIVE goosebumps. She’s like a sister to me… we’ve been through everything. I am positively bursting with pride. If you’re at all curious about our history or about how madly I adore this girl, you can read some about our adventures HERE (Scroll down to the 5th and 6th paragraphs). That’s it. That’s all I’ve got. We only have 24 hours left to raise the money needed and I know many of you will read this too late. For those of you who are reading this before the days end on 1/30, please click the links, please consider helping my cherished friend, an extremely talented singer-songwriter with the voice of an angel, chase her dreams. Reunited-in-Barcelona Namaste.


2 comments on “Katelyn Convery’s *DEBUT* Album Needs a Lil Love

  1. I came in too late
    but am glad to see your friend has made it

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