ALL WHO WANDER [feat: The Bronze Medal + Oscar & the Wolf]

Hello, my sweets. Are you still there? The silence in this room is deafening, I know. I’ve been negligent and I’m bored with making excuses. Am I busy? Truly, I am. I have traveled over 4,000 miles by car and another 1,500 miles by air in the past two months alone. Hello, Summer 2014. You’re looking … well, a bit blurry if I’m being honest. I’m silly tired. Outside of the perpetual exhaustion, all is well. A good friend, who is fully acquainted with my various levels of mania, recently reminded me that “not all those who wander are lost”. I thought it was pretty funny (that would be the “silly tired” kicking in) and wildly appropriate. Some of us have an insatiable wanderlust and we prioritize what’s important to us, right? Seeking has always been a major priority in my life, but I’ve spent this summer getting found. Traveling to the people and places I love the most. I’m certainly not lost.

You would think music would fit nicely into all of my travels and it has, but to sit down and spend some time here in these pages— to delve into the melodies that turn me inside out, that takes deliberate intention. Not to mention a quiet space to ponder. Once in awhile a song or band will assault me, breaking whatever reverie I’m indulging in and send me racing to these pages. It’s so powerful I simply must share. Obviously that hasn’t happened in awhile. I’m loving all the same stuff. My road trip music has been: Mighty Oaks, Bastille, To Kill a King, Ben Howard, Jamestown Revival, Brother & Bones — fine tunes aplenty. But I’ve already written my heart out about these bands. Side note: I did catch Brother & Bones whilst in Los Angeles at the beginning of this month. Finally seeing them live was a massive treat. (See photo. Happy girl, indeed.) So while yes, I’m always listening to stellar music, I find myself STARVED for music that either a] makes me cry for no good reason (or because it’s so beautiful there’s simply no other reasonable response). Or b] It makes my heart absurdly and indescribably happy. An ear to ear grin never hurt anyone, right?

So. I sit here now in a quiet space. I have retreated from the delicious chaos of the day. I have consciously designed a clear mental image of sharing something spectacular with you, something that elicits an emotional response like mentioned above, and after meditating on that desire for a bit I think I’ve managed to call it into being. At least the following feels right to me. And I need this. I hope you do, too.

No strangers to my little musical diary, The Bronze Medal crossed my radar in 2011. They were a catalyst for starting this blog, alongside the others who made my Favorite Finds of 2011. I also featured them in a guest post I wrote for the blog songsfortheday. If you’re not immediately sold on this band I implore you to check out their song “Milk” (click the songsfortheday or Favorite Finds link) or hunt down their song “Furrows” and then come back to this song. Oh so good.

Oscar and the Wolf were also featured in my Favorite Finds of 2011. I’ve been digging on this band for a long time and it’s magical to hear some new tunes. The first is gentle and melancholic and the second makes me grin like a Cheshire cat. Winning.

Find The Bronze Medal: Facebook/ YouTube
Find Oscar & the Wolf on Facebook/ Website


2 comments on “ALL WHO WANDER [feat: The Bronze Medal + Oscar & the Wolf]

  1. Love your blog. Really… that’s probably because you and I seem to be similar, at least that’s what I gathered from your posts and your ‘about me’ section. And our blogs are about the same topic 🙂
    So, I subscibed you and will definitely read your next post! 🙂
    Take care,

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