Mighty Oaks // Just One Day


I really, really shouldn’t allow myself to neglect these pages for such long stretches. It’s been an extremely busy summer and I have all kinds of seriously legitimate excuses for not writing. But the longer I put off returning to the rhythm of sharing with you, the harder it seems. Like there’s an unspoken pressure to share something PHENOMENAL as my come-back post.

The truth is, I haven’t heard in anything in quite some time that has moved me to want to share, to need to share. That bums me out. I assume it’s my frame of mind. Music and introspection go hand-in-hand for me and my life has been on fast forward since June; there’s been zero time for getting lost in my head. That also bums me out.

I feel I should clarify: life is exceedingly wonderful. It’s just moving at a quicker pace than my preference.

My inbox is overflowing with submissions, more than the norm. Apparently this summer has inspired everyone, but me, to create art. I think the influx of submissions is also stressing me out. Please don’t take that as a complaint. I feel so blessed when others choose to share their heARTs with me. But I’m listening to these submissions with a sort of desperation, wanting one of them to call to me in the way that causes me to race to the keyboard to spill my guts out… In other words – I’m listening with expectation, and that’s rarely a good thing.

I’ve been writing this very post for over a month! Absurd, I know. I resolved this morning that I would finish and post before the day is over. And it is my intent to get back to weekly/ biweekly sharing. (If you missed it, I did do a guest post last month over at: songsfortheday.)

Which brings us to the ever-pressing dilemma: what shall I share? I wasn’t at all sure until I clarified in my mind that I would no longer allow myself to indulge in this idle procrastination.


I can’t imagine a more perfect hold-onto-summer song than “Just One Day”, by Berlin’s, Mighty Oaks. Then again, the entire Just One Day EP is fitting for this time of year. It has a very nostalgic feel to it. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time saying goodbye to summer. It isn’t just the warm weather  — I’ve moved south recently, so I can enjoy the warm weather more frequently — it’s everything summer represents: long days, late nights, sun-kissed bare skin, roadtrips, concerts, the abundance of F R E E D O M. . .

See for yourself. What feelings does this evoke in you?

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Take to the sky
Open up your eyes and see how far you get in just one day
Take to the sea
And open up your heart and see how far you get atop this place

And it’s a big old world we live in now
And how mighty it can be
And all this time I pictured you standing next to me
So we could go find things we’ve never seen

Clouds or the trees
Look to the top and see all that your eyes will let you see
Take the lead out to the streets as far as your lungs will carry you atop your feet
And it’s the only only only time it’s the only time for you to be your own
And you told me told me told me I yea you told I will lead the life that I love

And it’s a big old world we live in now
And how mighty it can be
And all this time I pictured you standing next to me
So we could go find things we’ve never seen

Oh and all your days you live life on the run
But now you see your time is finally gone
To live your life just one day by one

One by one
One by one
One by one
One by one

As always, a thousand thank yous for visiting these pages. Even though they’ve been a pretty lonely space for the past 3.5 months you still drop love notes into my inbox (email and fb) and you still read, listen and share. More than 80 countries have stopped by in the past 3 months — United States, Australia, United Kingdom, Germany, Canada, Czech Republic, New Zealand, France, Brazil, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Belgium, Spain, South Africa, Chile, Russia, Mexico, Norway, Malaysia, Thailand, Switzerland, Argentina, Italy, Croatia, Singapore, Bolivia, Iceland, Finland, Denmark, Philippines, Venezuela, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Greece, Turkey, Colombia, Austria, Ukraine, Taiwan, Hungary, El Salvador, Romania, Bosnia, Georgia, Japan, Slovenia, Slovakia, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Pakistan, India, Estonia, Korea, Lebanon, Lithuania, Peru, Israel, Malta, Costa Rica, Serbia, Kazakhstan, Saudi Arabia, Botswana, Bangladesh, Ecuador, Jersey, Nepal, Nigeria, Kenya, Tanzania, Cambodia, Puerto Rico, Morocco, New Caledonia, Luxembourg, Uruguay, Iraq, Guatemala, and Kuwait.

Music is the Universal language of mankind. (— Henry Wadsworth Longfellow)

You’re all incredible!! (((♥)))


9 comments on “Mighty Oaks // Just One Day

  1. I just bought Just One Day. I really like their sound. Thanks for sharing.

  2. So nice. Gentle exit music for summer

  3. […] Oaks is the name. Total summer-nostalgic-happiness is the game. Thanks to  Music is my First Language for featuring this Berlin- based folk artist today. Pay special attention to “The Great […]

  4. I’m quite happy that I stumbled across this blog. This is wonderful, meaningful, music which is definitely worth listening to on a regular basis.

    • BOYD!! Thank you for the smiles. I’m so happy you’ve stumbled across these pages, as well. They’ve been lonely. ☺ Hopefully, I can get back in the swing of posting regularly. Life just gets in the way sometimes. You hit the nail on the head. I really do go out of my way to highlight artists who are making “wonderful, meaningful music”. I’m so pleased you’re finding sounds that tickle your senses.

  5. I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate you introducing me to Mighty Oaks. I cannot stop listening to the EP. Brilliant music that sings to the soul.

    • Blessings to you, Marc. I’m thrilled you are enjoying it. It really is an outstanding EP. I’m ready for a full length album!! Thanks for the comment. It’s a gentle nudge reminding me that I really shouldn’t horde good music. I must MAKE the time to share it!


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