Owls of the Swamp :: THE HYPNOTIST

Do you know what I find amusing? Well many things, but one that keeps resurfacing is this — unhappy people do not like gratitude gushers. I am, or at least strive to be, a giver of thanks. I don’t do it because it’s how I was raised. I don’t do it because I “should”. I do it because it fills me with a childlike glee. Any day that I can manage to see things or experience things with childlike wonder, is a damn good day. Sourpusses do not like me and I’m okay with that. It doesn’t make me like them any less. I have hope for them. My hope is that some song, some movie, some book, some sunset, some SOMEONE wipes the glaze from their eyes, or massages the heaviness from their shoulders, and they get a glimpse of how beautiful life could be if they’d simply allow themselves to see it. Gratitude is a good first step. Say thank you, say it often, and don’t be afraid to ask for more of whatever it is that fills you.

I woke this morning with an extra bounce in my step — I attribute this to the smell of lilacs wafting through my open window and the sounds of the birds singing their morning song. (I would like to be a bird in my next life. Oh how I would love to soar, and dive, and let the wind carry me…) I just adore springtime in Colorado, minus the occasional snow fall that is. If you still yourself for just a moment and tune into nature, you can practically hear the breeze whispering “embrace new beginnings — it’s time”; that’s the best part of this season. We’ve had the winter to hibernate, to nurse wounds, to hold grudges, to pack on a few pounds to protect us from the cold. But that time has passed and a new chapter has begun; it’s time to let go. Leave the past behind and to start fresh. Like the plants outside we must welcome growth. (Yes, yes, it’s ALWAYS the season for these things, but warmer weather and signs of new life can be powerful motivators.) As I was marveling at how good life is, at how I truly love the inspiration brought on by the freshness of Spring, as I was thinking that this day just couldn’t get any more magnificent — a present arrived in my email. Today, possibly because my day was already effused with gratitude, the universe saw fit to bestow a glorious gift upon me. It came wrapped in harmonious soundscapes — three minutes and forty seconds of lush melodies, accompanied by soul-stirring lyrics.

Owls of the Swamp, while not at all new to making music, is new to me. (Which is fitting since NEW and FRESH seem to be the theme of this piece.) Australian multi-instrumentalist and songwriter, Pete Uhlenbruch, is the heartbeat behind this project. Aptly titled, his latest single, “The Hypnotist”, is made all the more entrancing due to guest vocals by The Swell Season’s, Markéta Irglová. I’m still reeling from the sheer beauty of this tune.

Are you as enchanted by this as I am? Owls of the Swamp has my attention — I’m ready for more.

Official Website // Facebook // Bandcamp

You came to me like a feather in the breeze,
But you fell like a stone,
Left bruises on my toes,
When you looked in my eyes you started a fire,
And it burned so deep,
My bones burned to wire,
So turn your eyes to mine,
And leave your past behind,
Empty out your mind,
Empty out your mind,
Now tell me what you see,
And show me what you find,
The monsters in the deep,
The diamonds in the mine
Burn your fire high,
Burn your fire bright,
And tell me what you see,
Show me what you find,
The stories in the trees,
The faces in the fire,
The faces in the fire,
The faces in the fire,
The faces in the fire


2 comments on “Owls of the Swamp :: THE HYPNOTIST

  1. AJ, your posts have become the highlight of my day today (I only just discovered them). I too am an audiophile and search for the new enchanting tunes to share — are you on spotify? I’d love to both see what you’re listening to and share some fantastic hidden gems that I’ve found.

    • Hi David!

      It’s a pleasure to make your acquaintance. Thank you for your kind words. I love sharing music and finding other people who connect with it.

      I am not currently on Spotify. I was and it became an addiction – must.make.playlists – so I’m fasting. Please feel free to share what you’re loving, though. Either here or through facebook. I may get myself back up and running after the new year.


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