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Lola King [does] Labrinth — MIMFL Cover Songs (Vol. 9)

MIMFL - Vol 9It’s songs like this one that made me want to do a regular Cover Series feature in the first place. I really dig Labrinth’s, Earthquake, and I’m thrilled to have an excuse to put it up here on the blog. It’s definitely not something I would attempt to wax poetic over and admittedly, it doesn’t fit into my typical listening repertoire. But I love it all the same.

Then a cover like Lola King’s comes along and makes you stop dead in your tracks… Accompanied by her brother, Dan, on guitar, they strip it all back and let you hear the bare bones. In all the times I’ve listened to the original I’ve never once thought, “beautiful”, or “stunning”, and after listening to Lola’s version that’s exactly what I thought. Wow, that was stunning — beautiful in an unexpected way. I think I’ll listen again. And I have, many times. [click here for more on Lola King and the Kickstarts]

Cover songs are often a controversial topic among music lovers. I see both sides of the topic, but I myself am very PRO-cover. Inspiration is found in nature, in a kind word, in a thoughtfully penned poem, in the laughter of children. Different things inspire different people at different times, but I think music is universally the most inspirational medium. Musicians who are just starting out hone their craft by learning covers that inspire them, songs originally played by people they admire. I love that! I love the respect and reverence you can hear in a thoughtfully done cover. I especially adore it when a song is reworked and has new life breathed into it. [original source]

[and the original]

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One comment on “Lola King [does] Labrinth — MIMFL Cover Songs (Vol. 9)

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