Ghosts and Glory // JOSH HOKE

Oh hey, love bugs. How’s everyone doing? I’ve been MIA for a bit. Tell me you missed me? 😉 This winter sickness that’s been getting everyone down got it’s dirty little paws all over me. I spent a couple of weeks in bed and was barely recovered for my planned LA adventures. THANKFULLY I was able to make my trip happen, I really needed it. I will tell you ALL about the musical nurturing that I received in Los Angeles, but not this time. Soon, I think.

I went out to the Northwest to meet my new niece at the end of January. (If you spend time with me over on Facebook, I mentioned my anticipation for this trip quite a few times.)  As I always do, I planned my travels around a show. MIMFL favorites, The Ultimate Bearhug, were opening a show for Portland based, Josh Hoke. It was his CD Release party and not something I could allow myself to miss. This past summer The Ultimate Bearhug played a Seattle Living Room Show and Josh Hoke opened for them. I wasn’t able to make that show, but they did a live stream and I watched online. That was my first introduction to Josh and his music; it was love at first listen. I’ve been patiently waiting for his debut album, Ghosts and Glory, ever since. Boy, oh boy, it was worth the wait.

What has stood out the most for me as I’ve been getting intimate with this collection of songs is that I discover a new favorite with each listen. Does it get any better than that?! For this reason especially, the album makes for excellent repeat listening — a quality I truly adore. I recently introduced a friend to Josh’s album. (It’s a pretty good soundtrack for LA traffic, who knew? :-)) She developed an instant crush on the album, which got me thinking about the ins and outs of musical infatuation. I’m still not convinced there’s a formula for why I like what I like; it’s not entirely chemical, but largely so. When it’s good, it’s goood and everything in my being says, YESS. I dig that instantaneous response.

I’m not one to play the musical comparison game, but I believe fans of Ray Lamontagne, Jay Nash, James Morrison, etc. will LOVE Josh Hoke.

This song is getting extensive play; it features the stunning vocals of Hannah Glavor. I hope you love it, I think you will. Do yourself a favor and check the full album out. Maybe swing on over to Josh’s facebook page and say hello. Ask him about tour plans, let’s get this guy out on the road!

Connect with Josh Hoke
// Website

You finally have me where you want me
So go on and choose your words
Your ghost and your glory they haunt me
My voice loud but left unheard

You know that you’re making things tough
But there’s plenty more where that came from

I’m not ready, but please don’t let me go
Why don’t you love me or leave me alone
Hold me steady, I’m just not sure when I’ll know
It could be easy to find our way back home

Can’t jump right in, not sure where we would land
My heart is too thin, but I long to have you near
What would it take to hold you once more
After the break, I fear you’ll let me fall


2 comments on “Ghosts and Glory // JOSH HOKE

  1. Glad you feel better

    He has got a nice voice

  2. I only learned of Bent Beat Productions, today. As a result, I only learned of its featured artists today as well.
    I’m quite impressed. I love the raw sound of the music I’ve heard thus far. It’s right up my alley.

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