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Make Believe // SLEEPY TEA

“You are not the sum of all your pretty pieces when you go.”

I am positively smitten with that line. We are not even a full month into 2013, this band doesn’t even have an EP out yet, and based on my intense infatuation with this first single, I’m ready to declare Sleepy Tea a Favorite Find of 2013. [Check out 2011 & 2012‘s finds.] There are many things that contribute to whether or not I connect with a song, but it often boils down to the mood I’m in when I hear it for the first time. Chemistry and attraction can be fickle beasts. However, there are always influencing factors.

A few months back I shared The Daydream Club with you. I happen to adore their musical stylings, and lyrically they are diverse and engaging, but their name itself was a huge sell factor for me. I hear their name and lines from all my favorite poets start swimming about in my head. It’s true, my love affair with words runs deep. And if you’ve ever found yourself browsing through these pages it’s likely you already know I’m a perpetual dreamer.

Which brings us to Sleepy Tea, and yes, my initial attraction to this Australian band was their name. It makes me absurdly happy and I would’ve been devastated if I didn’t like their music. Not to worry, it was love at first listen. Their newly released single, off their upcoming EP (which is not coming soon enough for me!), is a dream-boat mix of many of the musical attributes I delight in: subtle percussion, delicate guitar picking, ethereal harmonies, and when the strings come in — be still my beating heart. Every dreamer loves MAKE BELIEVE. Am I right?! It should go without saying, the title of this track makes me as giddy as their band name.

Yet again, this discovery proves the god of music is smiling on me (and by sharing, I’m smiling back). Few things bring me more joy than writing down my musings and sharing them, plus the accompanying heart-soaring soundtrack, with you. Thanks for being so lovely. I hope you find the sounds of Sleepy Tea as captivating, and as beautiful, as I do.


If what you want 

is taken from
the magazines 
your neighbour’s house
and all you’ve got
is not enough to fuel your misdirected love

We’ll make believe that it’s love

My precious son
i will not judge
you will be what you become
and you are not
the sum of all your pretty pieces when you go

We’ll make believe that it’s love

When you start again

We’ll make believe that it’s love.

Same song, but a stripped down acoustic version. It’s stunning.

One more, my darling kindred listeners? Okay, one more; let’s indulge together. I stumbled on this sweet duet with Sleepy Tea and the enchanting Emma Louise. You’ll approve.



One comment on “Make Believe // SLEEPY TEA

  1. […] with Emma Louise. [Although to be fair, Emma isn't entirely new to these pages, she appears briefly HERE]. This is just a little of the magic we’re in […]

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