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Ryan Montbleau & Tall Heights [cover] Tracy Chapman — MIMFL Cover Songs (Vol. 2)

Oh man, here we go! Round 2 of this cover series stuff. 🙂

Cover songs are often a controversial topic among music lovers. I see both sides of the topic, but I myself am very PRO-cover. Inspiration is found in nature, in a kind word, in a thoughtfully penned poem, in the laughter of children. Different things inspire different people at different times, but I think music is universally the most inspirational medium. Musicians who are just starting out hone their craft by learning covers that inspire them, songs originally played by people they admire. I love that! I love the respect and reverence you can hear in a thoughtfully done cover. I especially adore it when a song is reworked and has new life breathed into it. [original source]

It can be difficult to appreciate a cover when you are positively crazy about the original. Tracy Chapman’s “Fast Car” is one of my all-time favorite songs. When it comes on, I stop whatever I’m doing to fully absorb it. It instantly transports me to 1995. Though the song was released 7 years prior, that was the summer I fell in love with it. If you were to ask me if I thought anyone could do it justice, I would likely tell you “no”. Who would dare cover Tracy Chapman? I mean, come on! However, I was pleasantly surprised when I heard this. I stumbled on Tall Heights this last year in Austin at SxSW. I immediately dubbed them my favorite 2012 SxSW “find”. (Which I wrote a little about HERE.) When I saw the combo of Ryan Montbleau with the fellas of Tall Heights, I was intrigued. I commend them for boldly covering such a timeless classic, I really do.

 Ryan Monbleau Facebook  // Tall Heights Facebook

And, the original.

Holy Apollo, she’s glorious.


One comment on “Ryan Montbleau & Tall Heights [cover] Tracy Chapman — MIMFL Cover Songs (Vol. 2)

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