Bastille [does] City High — MIMFL Cover Songs (Vol. 1)

Hello, kindred listeners! How are you all feeling? It’s a new year. Does that excite you? It does me. I am a huge sucker for “the new year”. I love the energy. I love that everyone unites in a way and plunges into the unknowns of the new year. I love the opportunity to be retrospective about the year that has passed and the shared hopefulness we all feel about the days to come. I just wanna bottle the New Year feel and dispense it at random intervals throughout the year. I believe we should celebrate and seize each day as though it were January 1st. Yes, yes — I know that’s a daunting task, but let’s try anyway. How ’bout it?

This time last year “Music is My First Language” was born. It took the complimentary kick in the pants that the new year delivers, to finally commit to this idea that had been brewing for quite some time. And over this past year I have thought about introducing something new to the blog. Something short and sweet. Thus far each post has been about something I REALLY believe in, some song or artist that I can no longer keep to myself. But the pieces I write can be exhausting; they are emotional for me. Any passionate person knows that passion can be draining. I love sharing with you, don’t get me wrong. But not once have I said, “Hey – this is a cool song. Check it.” When I write a post it takes some time to get my words just right. I want to do the song I’m featuring justice. I will continue that approach into this year, but I thought it would be fun to feature a cover song once a week, or bi-weekly, or monthly… I’m pretty terrible with commitment. So, we’re going to try that! I’m totally stealing the following introduction from the one and only cover song post I’ve done so far. You know, this one → the stunning Ryan Adams cover done by Cary Brothers and Laura Jansen.

Cover songs are often a controversial topic among music lovers. I see both sides of the topic, but I myself am very PRO-cover. Inspiration is found in nature, in a kind word, in a thoughtfully penned poem, in the laughter of children. Different things inspire different people at different times, but I think music is universally the most inspirational medium. Musicians who are just starting out hone their craft by learning covers that inspire them, songs originally played by people they admire. I love that! I love the respect and reverence you can hear in a thoughtfully done cover. I especially adore it when a song is reworked and has new life breathed into it. [original source]

Wow, yes?! Bastille really is something special.

And, the original.


4 comments on “Bastille [does] City High — MIMFL Cover Songs (Vol. 1)

  1. I am totally Pro-LightPosts. Would be great to get a taste of you every more often.

  2. prefer long and bitter?
    I don’t believe practice makes perfect but it surely makes better.
    and I am sure if you say that, then you must be good at, but i know this lowering style 😉

  3. I don’t know which one is my favorite…maybe “Blue Jeans” SO GOOD!

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