Late-night [obsessive] listening — feat MOTOPONY

I learned the depths of love and hate, but never did learn how to wait …

I wasn’t planning to write any posts until after I got my “FAVORITE FINDS OF 2012” finished up. [Click here for last year’s summary.] But I’ve been listening to Motopony all evening and decided I simply had to share. This is not a new album, but it’s definitely noteworthy. If you aren’t familiar, tune in!

There are three songs on Motopony’s self-titled album that I find myself obsessively listening to. That’s not to say the others aren’t great, but these three beckon to me: June, God Damn Girl and Wait For Me. I can go a few weeks without listening to them (a month tops), then the familiar craving sets in and I’m overcome by the desire to lock myself in a dark room with my headphones. This has been a regular occurrence for over a year now and I haven’t worn these tunes out. Yes, they are THAT good.

“Waiting” has been a reoccuring theme of my year, so I think I’ll share Wait For Me. If you saw my Castle Lights post, you’ll recall that I curse timing. I don’t wait well. Well, that’s not exactly true. I probably wait better than most. I manage to put a spin on it that makes it tolerable. I’d rather not wait, but I know the in-between times are often the times of BECOMING. The wait takes you from the person you once were, to the person you will become. The wait is the bridge from the bad times to the good. And so I remind myself to extend grace while waiting, to suck the goodness out of each day and not let time pass without learning new truths. It’s easier to marvel at the simple magnificence of life once you make peace with waiting. (I’m a dedicated fan of marveling. Therefore, I will go to great lengths to uncover the good in any given situation.)

C’MON! How good is that?!

A girl come to me in a dream and I don’t even know her name. A pretty mark upon her breast to signify her from the rest. But her and I are just the same, building bridges out of fame. She stands upon a dinner plate and tells me that I’ll have to wait.

Wait for me… I know it won’t be easy. What a thing to believe — in a dream.

Perhaps I knew her long ago and wrote her poems at nine years old. But then I did become a man, and let her slip right through my hands. I practiced all my wit and charm, had many girls on every arm. I learned the depths of love and hate, but never did learn how to wait.

Wait for you, you say it like it’s easy to do. But what a thing to believe — in a dream.

I’ll have you know that all my life I have been searching for a wife. A partner and a confidant, a girl who wants the things I want. A girl who doesn’t come along, cuz she’s already where I’m goin’. I stand upon this broken stage, I beg ya darling, please, please wait.

Wait for me. I know it won’t be easy. And what a thing to believe — in a dream. I believe in you, baby. You’re a dream.

I also really love this solo version of Wait For Me — Daniel Blue, featuring Anna Lynn Williams. The atmospheric intimacy of this video/ recording is truly stunning. I hope you enjoy both.

Molly is not on their first album, but I have high hopes of it being on their upcoming one. I am crazy for it. I confess to having a crush on Daniel Blue’s SWEET moves in this video!! His dancing puts the biggest smile on my face. (Thanks to Melodic Caring Project for capturing this awesomeness. Thanks for the above video, as well.)

I don’t know when Motopony’s sophomore album will arrive, but I am more than ready for it. I have a hunch it’ll be a highlight of 2013.

Official Motopony Website


5 comments on “Late-night [obsessive] listening — feat MOTOPONY

  1. Oh Amber, I so love your use of words. You remind me of all the beauty this world holds, thank you!

  2. wow, wonderful. Thank you so much for it..

  3. we haVE SHARED YOU ..AGAIN..ty 🙂

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