KEEP WAITING // Castle Lights

*Every once in awhile I feel the need to begin with a disclaimer —
This is not your typical music blog.

Music is My First Language is my musical diary. I’m a Gemini, which means I’m consumed with thought and Writing is the medium with which I use to express my ever active mind; if I didn’t write I’m certain I would explode. You should know going into this: I’m going to talk A LOT about feelings, and connection, and passion, and bliss. For me, music is the commonality in all of this. [end disclaimer]

Love had made me a bitter soul. I’ve learned to let it go.
I’ll keep waiting for perfect time, when two hearts fall in line.

I think in song and when I emit a certain frequency, I swear the song for that thought materializes in my path. I’ve marveled at how often this occurs. (I have somehow fallen into the favor of the god of music, and it’s a blessing I deeply cherish.) A little over a month ago Castle Lights’, “Keep Waiting” crossed my radar; my heart seized up at first listen. Talk about prophetic timing. 

I’m not one to dive in and out of romances. I’m such a walking contradiction in the arena of love. If we’re friends, I will give you all of me in one fell swoop. You want my heart, have it. You want my time, without hesitation I am here for you. But past wounds are a powerful influence, and I’ve learned the best way not to make mistakes in love, is to stay far away from it. Is that terrible? Most likely. Would I advise every single friend of mine to embrace all that life brings, the good as well as the bad? I would and I have. The rules do not apply to me. I hate guessing games, so I pull away. I hate timing, even though I bow to its whims. And I hate waiting, so I try to move on. (Yet, I always find myself waiting.) I’m continuously attempting to navigate these undesirables with grace. But when it comes to the four letter L-word, I think it’s best that I stay on the outside looking in. 

I tend to believe timing is everything (even though I just got done cursing it). I’ve witnessed how perfect timing can shift the tides. I’ve watched it unfold in slow motion like a magnet pulling its desired object across the winds. Perfect time is a force to be reckoned with. But maybe I put way too much stock in timing. Is it a merely a crutch, a band-aid, an excuse for why things don’t work out? “Everything happens for a reason”, or “If it’s meant to be it will be”. I really dislike those phrases. Can you imagine your best friend throwing their arms around you and saying, “You’re a total train wreck. Your choices royally messed things up! But don’t worry – everything happens for a reason. If it’s meant to be it will be.” Wait, what? I actually hear that kind of stuff circulating around me all the time. Everyone is looking for someone to take the blame. Timing is often the fall guy. At what point do we accept responsibility for the choices we make, the actions we take? Sure, I believe in divine intervention. But that’s merely a gateway. You still have to walk through the door that’s been opened for you. It’s been said that the right thing at the wrong time is the wrong thing. So we’re back to the science of timing. But for every person who argues in favor of timing, you’ll find someone who will declare it’s NEVER the right time and you simply must take the proverbial bull by the horns and dictate your own destiny. I exist in a raging tug-of-war right smack between the two.

More music, less philosophical ranting? Refer to the disclaimer. I tried to warn you. 🙂 I am CRAZY about this song; I can’t tell you how close to home this one hits right now. It takes a serious gift to make such longing sound so serene. Peace in the midst of angst isn’t something many can tap into. These fellas make it sound effortless. Bravo.


You can download this lovely song for free here. I highly recommend you do. xx

*A message from Castle Lights (taken from their website) in regards to the download: We partnered with our good friend, Jade De Kelaita’s new book, Eleftheria: Death and Disloyalty. We’d love for YOU to hear it and pass it along to your friends.

Download the song and you also get a chapter from Jade De Kelaita’s new book. I love that. I constantly rave about collaboration. It’s a beautiful thing.

Lying as the day is long, fighting till it’s said and done.
Crying as you hard your heart, hiding till it’s torn apart.
You’re waiting for that special sign, waiting for it to fall in line.

And we’ll keep waiting…
and we’ll keep waiting  for a sign…
we’ll keep waiting

Running till the day is gone; we hit a few bumps along the way.
Love had made me a bitter soul. I’ve learned to let it go.
I’ll keep waiting for perfect time, when two hearts fall in line.

And we’ll keep waiting, and we’ll keep waiting for perfect time.
We’ll keep waiting, and we’ll keep waiting,
and we’ll keep waiting for perfect time …  keep waiting.

And your heart in mine will be forever home.
And your heart in mine will be forever love.
And your heart in mine will be forever home.
And your heart in mine will be forever love.

And we’ll keep waiting…
and we’ll keep waiting for a sign.

We’ll keep waiting, we’ll keep waiting for perfect time.




4 comments on “KEEP WAITING // Castle Lights

  1. enjoy your rambling as it is always.
    I think of myself as total (some call it extreme but that is no longer valid to me) and as such i fall, when, deep and hard. but this beauty you might reach is above anything else existing (didn’t you say on the last post something about collaboration? ;)). does it worth the pain? Sadly not always so we better keep it safe, but not too safe. Risks has to be taken sometimes and adventures (pain being one characteristic of that IMHO) gives life a different meaning.
    well that was my rambling.

  2. Oh Dhyan, I have many, many thoughts on this topic. I know the beauty you speak of. The euphoria of the fall … it’s too intense for me. I agree with you on the need for risk taking, and I try to do so … with the necessary caution. 😉 As with most things, I think balance is key.

    When I was much younger, what seems like a lifetime ago, I was a part of some poetry forums and an acquaintance wrote this and I’ve keep it on a scrap of paper for years, “… i just want to be insane and yet totally SANE, as well. i know it sounds odd, but really it isn’t- for you can still jump, yet not so high. fall, yet no so far… not to where you meet the ground. but to where sanity and insanity join hand in hand, handfasting on craziness and cowardice, free but safe…” I don’t know why that just popped into my head – I guess I just like the juxtaposition of it. I relate to the need for the yin and yang.

    I’ll try most things once, and often twice — but for now, I can honestly say I’m better tapped into my bliss when romance is out of the question. I guard my heart hesitantly and with purpose, but without bitterness. Maybe someday “perfect time” will be on my side and I’ll finally get what all the fuss is about. 🙂 (In the meantime I’ll keep trying to figure it out on paper.) xx

  3. I agree for the middle way, the balance. My only objection is about the guarding part (and as I don’t know you really, it might well be that what I am going to say doesn’t apply for you).
    If “avoidance” from romance comes from a negative side (want to say – hiding, fear and so on) it will not do as there is a fight. The right way should be to see, feel and understand (or perhaps one of them) the cause and problem and let go (let go being a paradox in my philosophy as you cannot really do it actively but rather “let go” happens to us).
    Hope you don’t mind me using your space to play and try with my own stream of thoughts.

  4. i love your posts, but i like this one more than the others, so i read it all over again.

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