Some things cause immeasurable joy — *like THIS* [compliments of: To Kill a King]

“When someone shares something of value with you, and you benefit from it, you have a moral obligation to share it with others.”

I am not exaggerating in the least when I tell you that this video is my VERY favorite thing right now. It is much muchier than anything I’ve come across in quite some time, and that brings me insurmountable joy. It is the MUCHIEST. 😉 I’ve been waiting what feels like an eternity (TEN WHOLE DAYS) to share it with you. Knowing that this existed for an entire month before it found its way to me, well … we won’t go into the hours of therapy I will have to endure to learn how to forgive myself for letting a gem like this fall through the cracks. *shakes head* A month! Deplorable!

Occasionally I like to wax philosophical about life. Okay, if you know me in the slightest or follow my ramblings with semi-frequency, you might find that “occasionally” is more often, than not. I confess (with all the grace and subtly of bellowing from a rooftop) that I am a lover of life, of art, of music, of nature — the list goes on. So we’ll just leave it at: I am a lover. Period.

I have engaged in many “but what’s the PURPOSE of life” conversations, and I never hesitate when answering, relationship. We are on this glorious planet to actively seek and partake in relationship.

The way in which two or more concepts, objects, or people are connected; or the state of being connected.

In these impassioned conversations, I have argued that relationship is merely the act of connecting with someone or something. So arguably, connection has equal importance to relationship. They are one and the same. I enjoy the company of others, but often not as much as I enjoy solitude. I am one of those quirky individuals who NEEDS quiet. I very literally need “breathing room” and “space to think”. Being around too many people, especially for extended periods of time, stresses me out. So again, to drive this point home, relationship does not mean surrounding yourself with people. It means actively investing yourself in this journey we all share. Be in it. Don’t just meander idly through life. Think of yourself as a transmitter, emitting and receiving energy that allows you to CONNECT!!

And INSPIRED connection often leads to collaboration. Another word, a divine process, that absolutely THRILLS me to my core. I love witnessing a beautiful collaboration. Few things fill me up more completely.

I will go to great lengths to infuse my day with the necessary
musical (or literary) 
loving to get me on track. I find a good collaborative
effort to be 
an inspirational hug wrapped with a bow.
(stolen from this post)

This video/song/collaboration is everything I’ve described above and more. I think a thousand of these views (on YouTube) belong to me alone. My need for this kind of beauty can’t be satiated. If I have to tell you to pay attention to the nuances embedded in this masterpiece, chances are you won’t get why this is so enchanting.

Credit for this magical creation goes to To Kill a King. This is the finale in an incredible series entitled, Ralph’s Balcony. You’ll want to carve out a few hours and listen through the other nineteen musical offerings. (Go here: http://tokillaking.co.uk, click on “music”, then “Ralph’s Balcony”. Or simply navigate via YouTube.) Featured alongside To Kill a King is: Bastille, Emily and the Woods, We Were Evergreen, Youth Imperial, The Title Sequence, Professor Penguin, and the glorious string section — Amy Haynes, Lydia Whittingham, and Pete Bounford. My heartfelt thanks goes to all involved, this rocked my socks. I am pulsating with gratitude.

I can’t get enough of things, people, places, [experiences], that make me pause and affirm, Yes, I am a better person for having been a part of that. Whatever “that” may be. And often, music is the driving force behind my most beautiful moments.

© Jessica Loucks

I’ve written in length about collaboration HERE and This is also a sublime example of a joyous collaboration.


4 comments on “Some things cause immeasurable joy — *like THIS* [compliments of: To Kill a King]

  1. beautiful video (not a bit fan of clips usually).

    and i enjoyed and agree with what you said about relating, relationship connection and collaboration. We have to collaborate, all the time, therefore we are or should be in relationship at all times. Sometimes I think that even when alone we must connect to something else or even or our selves, creating some kind of inner relationship.

  2. Yes indeed, Dhyan. “To love oneself is the beginning of a lifelong romance.”
    (Oscar Wilde) Now that’s some powerful connection!!

    Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.

  3. Thank you for sharing this, I absolutely love the Ralph’s Balcony series. I also love your words.

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