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“The Unbearable Lightness” — TYLER LYLE

So we fumble through the dark, atoms of a beating heart, unaware of the song we sing, like sleeping gods inside a dream. Don’t wake me. — Tyler Lyle

The moments before I finally close my eyes are some of the best listening hours in my day. I lie in bed, propped up on pillows, with headphones on, and I let my iTunes play on shuffle. Sometimes I opt for a YouTube channel and listen through what it has to offer. I love it when I feel myself connecting to something I’ve not heard before, or when I find myself reconnecting with something that resonated with me in the past, but has since lost its edge due to familiarity. Something even more wild is when I connect with something I’d previously dismissed as not being for me. These late night hours are especially wonderful because my mind is completely at rest; I’ve let the overthinking cynic (who occasionally rules my being during the daylight) take a few hours off, and I’m listening less with my head and more with my heart. I love lyrics and depth and meaning, but it’s nice when I’m not actively seeking it out and my intuition just takes me there. I treasure my inquisitive mind, but intuition is better than reason. And while it’s a continuous process — I’m learning my heart never steers me wrong.

If you are wondering where all this rambling is headed, the answer is TYLER LYLE. My wonderfully amazing, and ridiculously beautiful friend, Bre Goldsmith (of The Construction Shop) tipped me off to Tyler’s music some months back – late last year, maybe? I believe she credited Fuel/Friends Blog for the introduction. Now, as you may know, Ben Howard consumed a large part of last year’s listening. I had new music ADD (attention deficit disorder). I just couldn’t focus. I only had ears for BH. Now, while I’m still an avid supporter and I continuously marvel at his talent, let’s face it… he can’t meet all my needs; I hope my previous posts have proven that. 🙂 Point being, I would’ve been raving about Mr. Tyler Lyle SO MUCH SOONER had I been tuned in, but I wasn’t. I’m making up for lost time and have been allowing his music to have its way with me day in and day out for many months now.

Tyler’s lyrics manage a flawless balance of challenging and introspective. And yet, I think you’ll find them deeply relatable. Though he seems to have a knack for melancholic nostalgia (which is undoubtedly my weakness), he writes with one-part bleeding heart and two-parts hope. Vulnerability at it’s finest. He’s a guitar picking poet, with a recognizable passion for song-crafting. I think his songs land in the coveted category of FRESH and TIMELESS. If I were choosing a “songwriters in the round” type line-up, Tyler Lyle could take his turn playing alongside the likes of  Paul Simon, Josh Ritter, David Gray, and I don’t know, one of my personal favorites, the Milk Carton Kids. I know he’d hold his own beautifully. Oooh, now seriously, that’s a show I’d want to go to!!

But don’t take my word for it. Go ahead, listen for yourself. (If you find yourself madly crushing on this song, click on the bandcamp link below, look to the right of the page for “Discography” and scroll until you see the “Inland Islands” EP. You can buy it directly from Tyler that way. It’s available on iTunes, too.)

Bandcamp (FREE live album available now)


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