[Welcome to] ::The DAYDREAM Club::

Okay— honestly, I don’t think I could be much more excited about this band’s name. Being a constant dreamer (see photo to the right), I already consider myself a member of my very own daydream club.

The Daydream Club, c’mon! Their name is just too good.

I discovered these guys last year and listened to their nostalgic tune, “The Record Shop”, on repeat for weeks. It isn’t often that I gush about female vocals, but I ADORE Paula Walker’s voice. It’s evocative of celestial birdsong. And Adam Pickering’s vocals compliment hers with an air of impossible ease. It’s like these two were BORN to make music together. {Thank you, Apollo, from the bottom of my over-sized, gratitude gushing heart. I’m quite pleased to reap the blessings of these two having met.} And I’m feeling pretty feisty, so if any of you listen and disagree, just let me know and we can go a few rounds out back. 🙂 I kid. I kid. I’m not a scorekeeper by nature and I’m in no way claiming to always be right. But umm, when it comes to having an ear for impeccable talent — pretty sure I’m 10 for 10. I wouldn’t steer you wrong. That’s why we’re such good friends, you know you can trust me.

I’m going to do something a little backwards here. Stick with me and I’ll explain. The second song I’m sharing (as in, not the video below this paragraph, but the NEXT one down) is the one I wanted to share first. In my mind, as I was planning this piece out, THAT was the song I couldn’t wait for you to hear. I’m quite smitten with them both, but In The Arms of Another Day penetrates to the deepest parts of my core. Lyrically it knocks me on my keister; I feel a very powerful kinship with it. BUT – I haven’t posted in a MONTH (somebody’s been laaazy) and my last post featured a undeniably chill tune – so I’m posting the more upbeat of the two songs first. Just because I feel like I should, just because I want you all to think I’m multifaceted. (It’s not ALWAYS the slow melancholy song that steals my heart. *coughs* Okay yes, it usually is.) 🙂 For those of you that might need a Monday pick-me up; I’m putting your needs ahead of my own. It’s cool, I’m a giver.

So, with no further ado – how smashing is this?!
Pleasure tingles? Anyone?! That’s some good stuff there.

And now, the mellower of the two, the more introspective. It’s so hauntingly lovely. My breaths actually become jagged and get caught in my chest a bit. I feel the need to explain: I’m a perpetual non-planner. Making decisions can be extremely difficult – in fact, the more imperative it is that I choose, the more incapable the choice becomes for me. It’s paralyzing. I’m flighty. I’m a dreamer. I’m still writing my story and I make the rules up as I go along. As the saying goes, I “march to the beat of a different drum”. So… these lyrics especially ring true for me: I love it, but I hate it. I’m trapped, but I want to be trapped. I’m here, but I’m not quite there. Busy chasing a lost dream. *sigh* My sentiments exactly. It always takes a little moment to recover when I stumble across a stranger singing my heart. It happens surprisingly often for me, which is one of the reasons why I love music so much. I’m positively addicted to that feeling of connection. When I listen to a song like this and think, Yes, we were meant to be friends, little song, all becomes right with the world.

Cheers, darlings.


[lyrics – In the Arms of Another Day]
Sunshine fills my room today
The morrow brings a mellow haze
Never know if I should stay
I’ll leave it in the arms of another day

I love it but I hate it
I’m trapped but I want to be trapped
I’m here but I’m not quite there
Busy chasing a lost dream

Autumn orange plays misty on my mind
Departing is the time I find
On and on this delicate dismay
I’ll leave it in the arms of another day

I love it but I hate it
I’m trapped but I want to be trapped
I’m here but I’m not quite there
Busy chasing a lost dream

Days come but the clock is lost
Days go and still no better off
Never know if I should stay
I will leave it in the arms of another day

I love it but I hate it
I’m trapped but I want to be trapped
I’m here but I’m not quite there
Busy chasing a lost dream

*Many thanks to Burberry for both of these videos!! 


2 comments on “[Welcome to] ::The DAYDREAM Club::

  1. Oh boy. I know the dreamy feeling. Love these guys.

  2. I could feel the melody hug my soul

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