America • It’s Time // IMAGINE DRAGONS


the state of being free or at liberty rather than in confinement or under physical restraint.
exemption from external control, interference, regulation,etc.
the power to determine action without restraint.
political or national independence.
personal liberty, as opposed to bondage or slavery

[sooo good]

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Though this band has been around for a couple years, 2012 is definitely their year to shine. They’ve released a number of smashing EP’s, but Night Visions, their first LP, will debut late summer. Go ahead and put September 4th on your calendar; you WANT this album. Trust me. If IMAGINE DRAGONS isn’t on your radar as of this reading — get keen to them quickly. 🙂 You’ll be shouting the praises of your newest favorite indie band very soon. There is an undeniable GOODNESS to their music. I think you’ll find their pulsating hooks magnetic, and the anthemic undertones of their songs will have you singing/stomping along while instantaneously wanting MORE.

If you like to nod your head to the the rhythm of your heartbeat, this is the band for you.

This is my favorite song off the Continued Silence EP. And I adore this recording of it. ENJOY!

You can find an awesome remix of this song HERE. (Thanks, Rolling Stone.)


2 comments on “America • It’s Time // IMAGINE DRAGONS

  1. I thank my lucky stars that I still have your beautiful eyes and ears out there on the musical pulse of the world, finding goodness like this for me while I’m in my baby bubble. Makes me feel like I’m not missing the anything in my short (but feels like forever!) absence. Thus one more reason why we, my love, are soulmates.

  2. I have never heard this version, but I love it!!

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