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ABSENCE: an update [plus a new song by Metric]

Absence, for some, makes the heart grow fonder; for others, it makes the heart wander.

That isn’t how the saying goes, is it? I think “absence” is actually replaced with “distance”. At least, that’s how I grew up hearing it.You get the point, though? I’m hoping my absence has been noted and missed, not forgotten. 🙂

I never wanted to write this kind of blog post, a random update, but I haven’t posted for over two weeks and I don’t know how quickly I’m going to get my next post up. The cardinal rule of blogging is to actually BLOG; so I’m going to share some happenings and let you know I’ve got something in the works for soon(ish) and I think it’ll be really fun.

I recently went on a twelve day vacation. That is, in part, why there’s been quiet coming from these parts. Vacation is exhausting! (In a wonderful way, of course.) I’ve been home for a few days, buuut I’m so worn out and so behind on daily household type things, that I haven’t been able to focus and put any love into this little project of mine. My apologies, I do think about you all the time.

While on vacation I saw two amazing bands; I’ve featured them both before. Jamestown Revival was a highly anticipated first for me. They were outstanding. Phenomenal musicians and kind, genuine, southern gentlemen, to boot. I fight to surround myself with kindred spirits and these fellas fit the mold. I look forward to seeing them again. The show was put on by Seattle Living Room Shows and Melodic Caring Project. It truly was a night to remember. A heartfelt THANK YOU to everyone that made that night possible (including my lil sister who kept my son for me)! I’ve recently become acquainted with another writer: Esther, of Southern Nomad, and she did a little write-up of the night: HERE. You should check it out. Many thanks to her, as well.

Next show on my agenda was a week later — Ben Howard. Yes, yes. I’ve seen him before and no, I don’t think he has a restraining order out for me, yet. 🙂 Four shows and three states, in three months; that’s just how I roll. I’ll add another show and another state by the end of the summer. I probably don’t need to mention how much I LOVE HAVING BEN HOWARD AND HIS BAND ON MY CONTINENT!! This show, in particular, was one I couldn’t miss. He played MY soul city on my birthday. So, I chose this time to rendezvous with some of my favorites in my beloved northwestern city. I haven’t actually jotted down names, but I think there were twenty-six of us at the show; again… that’s how I roll. 😉 I confess I was trying for thirty-three attendees (gasp, I’m confessing my age!!), but I had a few friends cancel last minute. So close! If you aren’t already clued in, my friends are super supportive and wonderfully indulgent. Every time I come to town, I plan my visit around a show — so they are forced to get out and enjoy some live music in order to see me. Some kick and scream, but they usual comply. And they ALWAYS enjoy themselves. This night was no exception. Ben and company are returning to Portland in October and I think most everyone will be going to see him again. (Seattle, do not fear. This time he’s coming for you, too.)

That’s my summary, my excuse for exiling you all to silence. You can find me on facebook now. I’ve been trying to post videos for your regular enjoyment, so feel free to come visit with me there!

In other news, I do have a new piece in the works. And it’s NEW in more ways than one. I’m excited about it, and hopefully it will go live soon. Not to toot my own horn (toot), but you’re gonna dig it. It’ll be really fun.

Before I sign off, I will leave you with a song, and the advice to buy Metric’s new album. It can be streamed and pre-ordered from their website. It’s been consuming my week. I’ve adored this band for many a moon (nearly ten years now). This album may be my very favorite of theirs and that’s saying A LOT.


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