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Levi Weaver // String Theory: a Documentary Film

©Jessica Loucks

Do you think if Alice was invited down the rabbit hole she would’ve gone? I mean, if she knew what calamity awaited her, would she have answered the call to adventure? I’m suspecting not. Alice always seemed a bit pretentious to me. Would you, in Alice’s shoes, have enjoyed said adventure? Anthropomorphic creatures, a body that didn’t obey molecular laws, unsolvable riddles at every turn and an irrational dictator with an affinity for head removal… ok fine, even I wouldn’t sign up for that. But it turned out okay in the end and the journey served its purpose. If you recall, the whole thing was set into motion because Alice was bored. Do you ever notice that in life you get what you give? Your every action causes a reaction. There are countless stories in history, both fictional and factual, that demonstrate this. And many great philosophers have cited that some of our greatest joys result from overcoming obstacles, from living in times so dark we gain an entirely new appreciation for the light.

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece about the moments that count, featuring Levi Weaver. You never know when your call to adventure will come. You never know when you’ll hear a song, meet a stranger, see a film, or witness some human interaction that CHANGES you. Though many people fight change – they claw and cling to their preconceived notions – we are actually quite mold-able beings. We are malleable like clay. Life happens and it leaves an impression. Sometimes change occurs so subtly you don’t even notice it happening. One day you wake and find you’ve evolved. In retrospect, you see all the events lining up. You see the road map of your life orchestrated like a dance weaving in through this joyful occurrence, skirting around that catastrophe, wading upstream against an unspeakable tragedy and ending up where you are now. But be cautioned — NOW is both omnipresent and fleeting. Yes, it exists all the time; every moment of every day is NOW. But we lose sight of its importance, therefore perception supersedes reality. I think what matters are all the little things you do and say, all the lives you touch in between your epiphanies of, Oh my gosh; my LIFE is happening right now.

We need less stress about the destination and more peace and enjoyment on the ride. I’m an in the moment kinda gal, and I fight to stay present. I go to great lengths to surround myself with people who not only ground me, but at the same time catapult me into space, knowing that all-too-often getting lost is the only way to be found. When the questions don’t make sense, maybe you aren’t asking the right ones. I think there are times when actively seeking enlightenment IS the only answer. Stay tuned-in enough to hear your heart’s cry. This is the call to adventure, the invitation to follow your bliss . . . only you can answer.

I positively freaked out (in a nonchalant too-cool-for-school kind of way :-)) when one of the producers for this upcoming documentary on Levi Weaver contacted me: a) to tell me about the film and b) to ask if I’d like to partake in launching the film. Umm, YES PLEASE! A solid 50% of you who read my musings KNOW (though others may suspect) that promoting art and connecting with people is very near the top of my reasons for getting out of bed each day. I would cease to exist if there weren’t people like Levi Weaver out there making music, creating art, and investing hours in soul-sharing with strangers. I feed off this and when I’m in need of nourishment I look to the next guy (or girl) who’s out there laying it bare, bleeding with passion.

Please join us in raising awareness for this project. (In other words share, share, share.) I invite you to watch the teaser for the film and pay close attention to your response. I hope you experience an awakening. I know I did.

Infuse your life with some authenticity, ask questions, go deeper… and find someone to hold hands with, this just may be the adventure of a lifetime.

“We must let go of the life we have planned,
so as to accept the one that is waiting for us.”
– Joseph Campbell

Keep watch HERE for more info on the film. This is also the link to share with your friends: http://indiegogo.com/StringTheoryFilm
On MAY 8th Levi is offering free downloads of ALL of his albums just for viewing the trailer. So GO check it out!!

* UPDATE – 5/18/12
For those curious, Levi gave away 1,778 albums on the 8th. That totals $13,243.75 worth of FREE music. Holy wowzers.

String Theory Film – Facebook Page (“like” it!!) 🙂
String Theory Film.com • LeviWeaver.com 


One comment on “Levi Weaver // String Theory: a Documentary Film

  1. Levi is so amazing. Really looking forward to the completion and release of this documentary. I also think his new album is going to be his best one yet.

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