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Mini SxSW Update (feat Ben Howard)

I’m three months into this little endeavor (sharing my musical diary with you) and though it has varied some, I’m trying to post something new for you each Monday. I keep thinking I’ll get to the point that I have back-up posts ready for when my week has gotten away from me and I have nothing to share. But I’m not there, yet. I write everything in a panic on Sunday night.

This week, having just returned from SxSW in Austin, Texas – I’ve had literally NO TIME to brainstorm the next post, nor do I have the energy. Last week’s post on South by Southwest may give you an idea of what my week in Austin was like. It’s always insane. There is rarely any sleep. This year was no exception. I’ll spend this coming week in recovery.

I plan to do a little write up on who we did see — and I’ll hopefully have that ready in the next couple of days. But for now I will say that Ben Howard was hands-down the highlight of this trip, as I knew he would be. I was able to catch two of his sets. One was just him in a crowded noisy little bar and the other he was accompanied by Chris and India in a beautiful church. Both sets were amazing and unique in their own right.

Yesss, this really happened. 🙂 Chris Bond is in the very background, too. I think it’s rather serendipitous that he’s in the frame!!

Thursday 3/15 @ The Red Eyed Fly
I have shared this song before and the quality of the other video is significantly better, so if you like what you hear go HERE. I had no idea if there would be an opportunity to request this song or if he would even sing it, but he did and it was nothing short of magical. I felt the most gratifying peace walking out of this bar. Maybe it was the celebratory shot of Patron that I took with my girls, but I think not. 🙂 I chatted with both Ben and India and they were beyond lovely. My heart and mind were cherishing the most delicious musical high the rest of the day. ( ( ( ♥ ) ) )

Friday 3/16 @ St. David’s Sanctuary
There are two churches in Austin that are phenomenal for seeing shows in. Ben and company did their Friday night show in one of these churches. I had no doubt that it would be incredible but I couldn’t have predicted how changed I would feel exiting the room later that night. I’ve seen thousands of live shows and I think this one takes the cake as the very very best of them. The chemistry of the band/ crowd/ venue was truly something special. A few of my very best girls were there to share it with me and that made the experience all the more magnificent.

I also captured Old Pine, Only Love and The Wolves on video from the same set.

(March 26th update — FULL SxSW ACCOUNT HERE)

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It’s HERE! My favorite time of the year. SxSW!!! 

The following photos were taken by my bestie, Jessica Loucks.

Stunning photos, right? My Jessie-girl is pretty amazing behind the lens. The second her website goes live I’ll be putting links all over the place. 


One comment on “Mini SxSW Update (feat Ben Howard)

  1. Nicely done! “What is written without effort is in common read without pleasure.” — Samuel Johnson

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