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I think if you follow my posts you’ll find that I only share what I’m wildly passionate about. If we somehow haven’t established that yet, my promise to you is this: no watered-down posts. If I’m not on fire about it, it won’t appear here. The number one thing that I’m drawn to in music is authenticity. I need to glimpse some truth. That’s what catches my attention and resonates with me. I hope to parallel that heart in what I write, in what I share. I will only share with you that which I can’t NOT share. Fair enough?

This week’s can’t-keep-this-to-myself-a-second-longer-or-I’m-gonna-burst spotlight is on: Jamestown Revival

This is Jamestown Revival from Paul Pryor on Vimeo.

Jamestown Revival

Zach Chance and Jonathan Clay make up Jamestown Revival. These fellas are multi-instrumentalists and talented singer-songwriter’s who both entertained solo careers before joining forces. They exude an astonishing amount of passion and energy. No doubt their undeniable chemistry can, in part, be contributed to years of friendship. I appreciate that connection. Their music pushes all my hot buttons. I can’t listen to their particular blend of harmonies, their backporch-southern-rockabilly grooves, without responding with my whole body. The head nod starts first, then the finger snapping, then the ear-to-ear grin takes over my face and soon I’m singing along. It’s a gratifying mind, body & soul experience. I am positively ACHING to catch their live show. If they don’t venture out my way soon, I’ll find my way to them. Traveling for music is my most beloved pastime. It’s torture knowing they were at SxSW last year, as was I, but I wasn’t familiar with them then. Boo.

Jamestown was America’s first permanent English colony and Zach and Jonathan explain their name, Jamestown Revival, as being an awakening of that primitive time in our history. It’s a nod to a simpler way of living. I hear that yearning to connect with nature and with their roots in their music. Their songs are laced with that gut honesty I adore so much. (And yes, I touched on lyrical honesty and communing with nature in my last post. I can’t help it. I dig it.)

And one more for the road. This is my current favorite.
Jamestown Revival, “Beat on Down”

I hope you will join me in sharing the Jamestown Revival gospel. These guys are definitely on the rise.


{UPDATE} June 7th, 2012
I was finally able to see these fellas live and in a living room setting, no less. It was INCREDIBLE! I didn’t write much about it, but it is highlighted in this post HERE.


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