JOSH GARRELS [& The Sea in Between]

“Music maximizes my joy and minimizes my sorrows.”  

I get asked with regularity if I sing or play an instrument. It seems unfathomable to some that I am so entirely consumed by music and yet, I only partake as a listener. Music makes my heart sing and my words are my instrument. I play them the only way I know how ― with a burning passion and a growing desire. I was told a few weeks ago by someone I admire, Reading what you write feels a little like listening to a song. It was an entirely unsolicited compliment and possibly one of the nicest I’ve ever received.

I am quite content with my role as “listener”. After all, I am pretty good at it. 🙂 10,000 hours of diligence makes a person a “master” of their trade. I have invested my 10,000 hours and then some ― I am a master listener. I listen with every fiber in my being. I listen for the message behind the words; I listen for the heart. You can’t always hear it. But when that nothing-to-hide-exposed-heartbeat pulses through the layers of a song, when it bleeds through the lyrics and saturates the air … I’m all ears [all heart, all soul, all in].

Josh Garrels is a fiercely talented, multifaceted musician who isn’t a stranger to laying everything bare. You can hear his truth, his heart, loud and clear through his music. It rings with unmistakable honesty and refreshing purity. His uncanny ability to portray such a deep level of emotion through his songs makes him a captivating force. Listen to the following song, preferably during a quiet  moment (and with headphones), and tell me if it doesn’t awaken something in you.

Josh (and family) have teamed up with Mason Jar Music to create a documentary performance film called, “The Sea in Between”. I don’t know if my words can paint you a vivid enough picture to portray the depths to which the concept of this film moves me. Music is life, it is breath. It is the medium with which I use to express myself, to commune with others. Music maximizes my joy and minimizes my sorrows. I couldn’t fathom life without it. Friedrich Nietzsche said, “Without music, life would be a mistake.” Mmhmm! Preach it, Nietzsche. This film embodies EVERYTHING I love about music. It’s the visual definition of artistic collaboration. I haven’t seen the finished result yet, but I have no doubt that the culmination of combined talents, the inspiration drawn from nature, and the chemistry of a passionate collective with a similar vision will be nothing short of an ecumenical masterpiece.

After watching the trailer I hope you will consider contributing $5 (or more) to help this project come to fruition. I am a huge believer in fan funding. I want and desperately need this kind of art in my life and I will put my hard-earned dollar behind it. I would love it if you would join me in this. Donate here: http://theseainbetween.com/store/  (You also get two video downloads with your donation. Win-win.)

Here’s another little preview of what’s to come:

I know this was lengthy, and if you are still with me – you’re awesome. Even if you skipped through all my words and just watched the videos, I still think you are incredibly fantastic. I’m so blessed by the people that see beauty where I see beauty. I’ve been familiar with Josh Garrel’s music for a long time, and was fortunate enough to see him play in Portland years back. I’ve listened to Love & War & the Sea in Between and Jacaranda countless times, but this sweet little blog, frequency of words, reminded me about the film and inspired me to get involved. 

Share the love, people. You never know whose life you may enrich.

JG Website
Mason Jar Music Website
The Sea in Between – Official Site 


6 comments on “JOSH GARRELS [& The Sea in Between]

  1. I don’t know what to say. This completely made my day! Wow..

  2. I myself do not play any instrument nor do I sing but music has a hold on me like a mother and her first newborn child. I discovered Josh almost a year ago while stumbling onto Mason jar music’s youtube channel. I was in awe over all of the videos but Josh Garrels went a little deeper. I now listen to him everyday. It’s almost like an antidepressant. If I listen then I have a peaceful day. I wish everyone could feel the effects his music has on me. Thank you AJ for what you do. 🙂

  3. Simply lovely, I really enjoyed! Congrats for the blog! 🙂

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