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A little Trip-hop [to soothe the soul] -Phantogram

“Music melts all the separate parts of our bodies together.”  -Anais Nin

And all the music lovers say, AMEN! It’s amazing all the different roles music plays in my life. Most of the time it’s just an enhancement – icing on the cake. I don’t NEED it, not in a desperate way. I don’t have to have it. I just want it. It makes everything better. [thankyoumoreplease]

But this week has been ONE OF THOSE WEEKS. Is it over already? I feel like I’m dodging punches. And they keep coming. Yeah, I’m getting my exercise, but I’m so overworked (and under-slept) I’m starting to feel nauseated. I’ve got a few more rounds in me – but I hope the weekend ushers in some peace. I’ll say “bring it” more often than not, but I’m getting close to crying uncle. That says something. *Deep breath/ grateful smile.* Truth is, it could easily be worse. This weekend WILL bring peace or I will put myself in a time out. (Be forewarned, I may turn off my phone and go off the grid. Yes, I think I might just do that.)

Music plays the vital role of sanity saver during times like this. It “melts all the separate parts of my body together” and makes me feel whole again. This is essential when I feel like I’m on the verge of falling apart.


I’m not your nervous feeling – each time we say goodnight.
I’m not your drinking problem – A hole is in the sky.
I’m not your paranoia – When someone’s at the door.
I’m not your fortune teller… I’m not your spinning bed… I’m never like you.

This entire album, but largely this song, have been invaluable in my keeping it together this week. For just over four minutes at a time I can lose myself in some delicious synth beats, perfectly balanced dark and dreamy layers mingled with horn riffs and drum machine loops. Mmm – yes please. Sarah’s voice is ethereal and this song leaves me with a smug feeling of satisfaction. No pressure. No demands. I’ll take it.

Close eyes. Nod head. Feel the tension drain out as the rhythm takes over.

It’s gonna be okay. It always is. And hey – it’s FRIDAY.



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