Oh Oh Oh – We Have Band

I think we’ve all heard, “Don’t talk if you can’t improve upon the silence”. That sums up exactly how I feel about music. I like silence. A lot, actually. And if the music can’t improve upon the silence … Well, why bother?

There are a few bands that I adore, whose music utterly consumes me, that don’t fall into my typical lyrically-dense-thought-provoking-singer-songwriter listening repertoire. Since I’m using this blog as an outlet for both writing and sharing the music I love, I may not highlight on these “special cases” as much. It’s harder to write about why something makes me feel the way it makes me feel when I don’t entirely understand it myself.

Last year I was shopping with my bestest girl in Barcelona, Spain. It was the last day of our 10 day adventure. We were on a mission to find a few items that we desperately wanted to return home with. On a whim we switched gears from what had been our focus and wandered into a shoe store. I didn’t realize it then, but I think we were magnetically drawn there. We were inside the store barely more than 60 seconds, and I had one of the most sensational out-of-body experiences I’ve ever had. I was just looking around and yet, I could feel something in the air. Energy. The atmosphere was delicious. I was intrigued, and for no apparent reason. We’d been in a number of stores not so very different than this. The music was loud. The song that had been playing ended and a new one began. It happened then.

Now I’ve experienced a lot of things when it comes to music. Instantaneous joy. Gut wrenching sorrow. Light-hearted-not-a-care-in-the-world-euphoria. I have physically felt my heart get crushed under the weight of an especially potent song. But I can honestly say what happened during this song was a first for me. Time and space lost their relevance, and I felt quite literally swallowed by this song. What if you could walk through your TV and into a music video- without meaning to. A trip? A stumble? A fall? Definitely a fall. Head over heels – Alice in Wonderland style. This music wasn’t like anything you’d find on my iPod. No intricate guitar picking or thought-provoking lyrics. In fact, I couldn’t get past the contagious beat. The only lyric I could make out was “Oh” and it was repeated often. I explain this only because I hope to portray the oddness of my attraction to this song. I didn’t choose it the way I handpick everything that I subject my ears to. It chose me. Claimed me really. IT. WAS. INTENSE. I remained in a trance through the entire song. If anyone was looking at me I wonder if it was apparent that I had abandoned my body. The song ended and I was returned to myself as seamlessly as I’d been taken. And I returned with the knowledge of “We Have Band”. It was truly one of the highlights of our already incredible trip.

This was the song. I love it every bit as much as I did when I first heard it – but even better? I love the entire album. This song is just the tip of the iceberg. Sizzle.

If your interest has been peaked … here’s another favorite:

Aaannd the new album will be out next week. A tasty morsel from it:


2 comments on “Oh Oh Oh – We Have Band

  1. Thank you for sharing your story and this band! I’m eating up your words on all the posts, and with this one the descriptive memories of the experience is just awesome and reminds me of a couple of my own experiences. Music really is a curious thing, isn’t it? Like you said, it can scoop us up and take us away to a far away land without us even realizing what’s going on… it’s happened to me only a couple times, but it’s crazy, isn’t it? And how funny that it happened to you while shopping… I guess we never know where those moments will happen with music, just like we never know where we’ll meet our next best friend or our next lover. It’s all a mystery, and that’s what makes life beautiful. 🙂 Lots of love!!

  2. Hey girl! I love your build-up to this song haha, no expectations at all 😉 Either way, it was catchy and I echo your sentiments on how a song sometimes just pulls you right in. Here’s one from Norway where I live: http://inwardsun.wordpress.com/2011/09/22/ane-brun-do-you-remember/

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