Scenes on Sunset – Brother Sal

As a writer I’m constantly trying to paint a clearer picture with my words. I write it down and then I revise it. I write it again and then I color it in. I may discover after a few drafts it’s too much; I’ve lost vision. I’m no longer in control of the piece. It’s TOO colorful and no longer cohesive. I hear a lot of music that falls into that category. It’s just too much. They tried too hard. They lost vision. Sometimes a song is even too perfect. Like it was crafted to be a mega hit and well, that annoys me more than anything.  I commend anyone who is making a living doing what they love and of course the goal is to sell your music. But when a song has such a polished feel that it’s lost its authenticity?  Blech- not for me.

Something I have frequently puzzled over is this, “What makes a GREAT song so great?” And how often do you think a GREAT song comes along? What makes a song stand out from all the others as unique or special? Of course I have a thousand favorites, I LOVE music. But even in a mix of my most played, there are always two or three songs that are a notch above. They escape comparison because they stand alone – they are in a league of their own.

This is one of those songs. I can’t multi-task and listen to this song. I literally CAN’T. I either have to skip the song or succumb to it. I have to stop everything that I’m doing and just listen, allowing the song to have its way with me. Lemme tell ya, Brother Sal packs a punch with this one. The piano, the lyrics, Sal’s voice… be still my beating heart. I have a powerful crush on the simple beauty of this tune. It builds and builds and there is something so damn emotive about the crescendo. Solid win. This is a GREAT song.

Oh, and can I  just say how much I LOVE this video?! It’s a work of art, entirely complimentary to the song.




Met a girl up on the hill. She’d walk at night to pay her bills.
She went to school, no joy, no thrills. This was her life, no boy, no frills.

Is it all? Is it all?

She would support her little girl. Abort a life, maintain her curl.
She’d hook year round, her flags unfurled. Ain’t it a shame, this was her world.

Is it all? Is it all?


I met a man out on the street, he had to beg to make ends meet.
He had no wife, no kids, no home. They left him blank and all alone.

Is it all? Is it all?



11 comments on “Scenes on Sunset – Brother Sal

  1. this song is haunting and so real…

  2. Agree with you completely. I like to (naively sometimes) believe that all art is created out of love. But, as you said, sometimes it gets lost or masked in the translation. This is an example of a song that stayed true to it’s heart.

  3. Love me some Brother SAL from his sister…Rachel

  4. This song is so relaxing, it was so beautiful listen to it out loud at my home & that´s the beauty of music for me 🙂 GREAT LYRIC AMBER AND GREAT VOCALS BROHER SAL.

  5. Found Brother Sal – and this song – by accident. It’s been on repeat more than once over the past week. I love the lyrics and the piano work. The two come together in such a simple, appealing way. Such good work. -S

    • Ah! Thanks for the comment, Shawn. Don’t you love those providential occurrences? I’ve stumbled on sooo much great music by “accident” that I’m beginning to think it really is more fate than random chance. 🙂

  6. Hi, I heard this the song for the first time in December. Great story. So deep social undertones. So raspy breath. So painful. So beautiful. Amazingly good music. I usually prefer instrumental music. I listened now to the other “Brother Sal” on the internet to get the songs. Pleasant. I am from Estonia and our radio stations will not play this band. Unfortunately. But I can listen to on the Internet. Thanks so much, for such beautiful music. Best regards.

    • Cheers, Merike! This is my favorite Brother Sal tune. He’s rather fantastic. 😉 The magic is seeing him live, which I’ve only done twice. He doesn’t get out of Los Angeles much. I believe he has new music coming soon. I’ll keep you posted!

  7. brother sal this song so touch me, remember me about someone.. i missed home.. and i’m a jeremy renner fan.. love him..

  8. I have a video Sal might want from Larkspur. How do I contact him?

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