6 minutes and 11 seconds of Pure Bliss- (compliments of: Cary Brothers & Laura Jansen)

Cover songs are often a controversial topic among music lovers. I see both sides of the topic, but I myself am very PRO-cover. Inspiration is found in nature, in a kind word, in a thoughtfully penned poem, in the laughter of children. Different things inspire different people at different times. But I think music is universally the most inspirational medium. Musicians who are just starting out hone their craft by learning covers that inspire them, songs originally played by people they admire. I love that! I love the respect and reverence you can hear in a thoughtfully done cover. Naturally there are crap covers. Songs get butchered all the time. But a well-executed cover only expands on the brilliance of the original.

I could do an entire piece on covers. But not this time around. I would be doing you a disservice if I asked you to entertain anything other than this song – in this moment. (A repeat play is mandatory.) If you only had the audio I think you would find this cover to be pretty dang remarkable, but there are so many elements in the video that make it an electrifying treat for the senses. I’ve watched this no less than a hundred times. (Mad respect to Ryan Gall for doing such a spectacular job filming it!) The mood is set in the first 60 seconds. You’ll see what I mean. That first little exchange on the porch brings the biggest smile to my face. Then the tender glances between Cary and Laura encourage a blush to settle into my cheeks and I get the most gratifying goosebumps when Laura’s voice comes in solo. Her infectious grins are heart-warming and who knew curse words could sound so lovely?! 🙂 Their voices mingle flawlessly. I have adored these two for many years. Seeing them together like this is a special kind of heaven.

Please listen with headphones, please watch without distraction. I think you’ll thank me.

I deeply admire The Voice Project. http://voiceproject.org/movement.php Carve out a few minutes and familiarize yourself if you haven’t heard of this organization. I could go on and on and on about the thousands of things I find commendable about the folks who champion this operation.
Music + Community + Compassion + Spreading awareness = Hope. Love. Life ♥


8 comments on “6 minutes and 11 seconds of Pure Bliss- (compliments of: Cary Brothers & Laura Jansen)

  1. its your writing talent I’d like to rave about………..

  2. oh, and yes, I’m thanking you for the beautiful cover, its just lovely….

  3. I’m all for covers if the artist — as in this case — brings something original to the piece and doesn’t simply offer an unimaginative take. I can think of a number of covers that I prefer to the originals.

  4. I remember checking out the Voice Project back when a group of beautiful women were singing my beloved Joe Purdy’s song Suitcase – http://voiceproject.org/index.php?id=145785470. I hope they all got strength knowing that they were having attention paid to their plight and were being heard singing with the voices God gave them that they’re not allowed to use in their daily lives. What a beautiful organization.

    And I adore the artists that we love because of reasons like this – that their hearts are as big as we hope they are.

    You’re pretty.

  5. Always like this one!

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