“Authentic. Artistic. Real. & Believable.” Jessie Baylin

I tend to pick my music the same way I pick my friends. What’s your favorite quality in a person? I like kindness. I truly admire energetic people (because I’m not one). I love a witty sense of humor. But the number one magnetic quality for me is joy. I am positively crazy about joyful spirits. Joy combined with humility? Well, that makes about the most attractive person ever. I am not drawn to fame, not awed by fortune. I believe in the very deepest part of my core, people are people. Like a moth to a flame- I am drawn to passion. I surround myself with creative types. Musicians and photographers, especially. I swear I can pick them out of a crowd. They are storytellers. I like storytellers. I like the way they see the world and I love something I can connect with.

Jessie Baylin 1111 Banner

Jessie Baylin has been a long time favorite of mine. She crossed my radar in 2006, maybe? It wasn’t until 2008 that I was finally able to see her live and get my hands on a full album. She played my favorite venue, in my favorite city, on my birthday that year. The stars aligned and the music gods smiled on me in a glorious way.

When I contemplate how to describe Jessie Baylin’s music, my tongue just chases the words around in my mouth. The sentiment I want is elusive. But I find myself thinking… it’s just like a perfect breeze. I am a sucker for a good breeze. You know the kind that is a few degrees cooler than the temperature- just the right amount of relief? It swirls around you, whisking the heat off your skin. It is gentle, and playful- running along every exposed surface of your body like the softest touch. Up the back of your arm, over your shoulder and then it sweeps the hair off the back of your neck. Close your eyes. Can you imagine it? I can. Right now. I can FEEL it. It’s satisfying, but also a bit of a tease… It hits all the right spots and leaves you wanting more.

I guess that’s what Jessie’s music is for me.


5 comments on ““Authentic. Artistic. Real. & Believable.” Jessie Baylin

  1. You are one of my favorite people in the entire world. This beautiful post just reminded me as to why that is.

  2. Your posts are like a fresh breeze. So great!

    I can’t wait to see Jessie tonight!

  3. Do you have a Facebook fan page for your site?

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